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A London documentation and essay. The project started 1986 and includes 2 books, 

100 silver gelatine-prints and color prints, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm, and a short art film.

The photographs on this website are taken between 1999 and 2012.


The rail lurched forward its way between a summer meadow of chimneys. It creaked and squeaked as the train rolled along between Greenwich and Charing Cross. The grass stood tall. Down there loomed the market. Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare sneaked around and sort of disappeared in and out of the old house walls. Between the mortar and the soot. It was London Borough, the heart of London.

/Extract from the book, Maj-Lis in London.



“City: dreams and reality”, with the London documentation ”Something about a city”, Västerbottens museum, Umeå: Västerbottens museum vernissagen
”To London with Love”, at the exhibition ”Southwark Seen”, Cafe Gallery Project, Bermondsey, London

”From Cardboard City to IMAX Cinema”, St John’s Church, SE 1, London


London people, a selection of photographs

Maj-Lis in London.


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