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2020-, work in progress.

Memories of the participants of the exhibition at PLANKET, august 2022:


I am at an outdoor pool in Helsinki. I can't swim yet. Takes my swimming ring and goes to the children's pool where there is a slide. This time I decide to go down with the head first. When I hit the water, the ring slips through my legs and suddenly I'm underwater. Splashing around and trying to get to the edge. An arm dips into the water and pulls me up. It is a young girl in her early teens. I think I managed to say thank you. Quickly I run to mom. I don't remember if I told her what I had been through. /Mari


The same misery befell me & Despite warning in "secure storage", all my pictures from the 60s-80s were completely drowned. Nothing could be saved. /Per


My brain is empty right now, way too hot for me. But it was fun to see you. /Lil

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