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In 2014, I went on a trip with the question of what is important. – Didn’t I already know?! Although I thought I knew, it felt important to actuality find out if some of my thoughts were correct. Most people were positive about my question. I learned a lot and was overcome by some of the answers, which later, a few years after the survey, also caught up with my own life. Above all, it was very nice to get to listen to everyone’s stories. The trips went to Spain, France and to different places in and around Stockholm. In Eskilstuna, my own early memories began to take shape.


The project began in Madrid, a city I had long wanted to go to, and ended in my birthplace 50

years back, where the past and the present met under a pine tree.


The photographs are printed on Fine Art paper with the technique of paper lithography. Paper lithography is a technique where Xerox copies replace the lithography stone and are printed in a copper printing press.


The project contains 40 monotypes, responses and an artist box where images and interviews are collected.



Gothenburg Book fair 2022

Eskilstuna library 2020

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