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You want to be a little bit by yourself is a study in street environment where the mobile phones shape our movements.

On five occasions in the months of May between 2015 and 2018, at the same spot in Stockholm, I have photographed people passing by with their mobile phones and headphones.

At the start of the project I was uncertain of how long I would have to wait, but it turned out that most of the people who walked passed during the hour I was standing there were focused on their devices.

My intention has been to highlight the spontaneous expression and have therefore chosen street photogra­phy as the working method.

Interviews with participants have been decisive for both the content and the title of the project. The title is taken from one of the interviews with the participants.

The book contains the photographs, quotes and the summary of the interviews.


Pages: 40

Dimensions: 260mm x 100 mm

A soft cover with a tab attached to the back of the book

Photographs and text: May-Lis Andersen

Design: May-Lis Andersen/ Linnéa Carlson,

Printed at Allduplo, Stockholm

Edition of 300

Price: 300 kr
Published by May-Lis Andersen editions, 2019
Language: English and Swedish

ISBN: 978-91-980927-2-1,

Swedish: ISBN: 978-91-980927-3-8

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